The Creepy Box

The Creepy Box

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The Creepy Box is for those who enjoy the scarier things in life! This box is filled with an assortment of creepy and scary Halloween candies! 

The Creepy Box includes:

- 1 Box of Warheads Grubs

- 1 Horror Movie Candy Tin (randomly selected) 

- 1 Bag of Gummy Eyeballs

- 1 Bag of Gummy Missing Body Parts

- 1 Bag of Gummy Spooky Spiders

- 1 Bag of Warheads Sour Body Parts

- 1 Body Part Lollipop (randomly selected) 

- 2 Bloody Candy Sprays

- 1 Ghoulish Gum Balls

- 1 Bag of Skittles Shriekers

- 1 Peeps Monsters (3 count)